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Far beyond the polar circle, all the way to the Arctic north is where a group of geologists from the Czech Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics of the ASCR sets out on an annual basis. Their destination is Hornsund, the southernmost bay of the island of West Spitsbergen. Here for the past 6 years, the scientists have regularly monitored with a unique device the movements of the earth, mapping out the unexplored terrain that had previously lain hidden deep under the ice. For their latest expedition beyond the Arctic Circle, the researchers Josef, Honza, Filip and Miloš decided to bring on two filmmakers. It is amidst the magnificent and rugged nature of the Svalbard Islands, at a welcoming and cozy Polish polar station with its conveniences, that striking footage thus came to see the light of day which offers the viewer an intimate insight into the heart of the Czech polar expedition and a humane look at the scientists themselves. The documentary film gradually unravels all that the researchers, through their sensitive and patient observation of nature, are able to read out not only from the terrain alone, the rocks themselves, but also the smallest, imperceptible and so far unpredictable tectonic movements of the Earth. Against the backdrop of the breathtaking Arctic nature, a story is narrated about the crucial information about our planet this particular group of scientists may provide. The documentary film titled Movements was produced by the Centre of Administration and Operations of the ASCR along with the Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics of the ASCR with the financial support of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.


          music: Michal Rataj
          sound postproduction: Jan Štindl
          animation: Martin Búřil
          editing: Adam Brothánek
          camera: Tomáš Kopecký, Martina Spurná
          scientific collaboration: Josef Stemberk
          written, directed by: Martina Spurná
          production manager: Václav Špaček
          footage: 42 minutes


    27. 9. 2017 Autumn is coming, and we are going to the film festivals. Will we meet? EKOFILM festival, 6. 10. 2017, 3.30 PM, Brno, Cinema Scala, book at http://www.ekofilm.cz/en/event/34/ ECHO Mountain Film Festival: October (will be specified), Skopje, Macedonia, http://www.ehofilmfest.mk/en/  
    26. 9. 2017 Our documentary is going to be screened at The Faculty of Science of the Charles university: 11. 10. 2017, 7.00 PM. The discussion will be after the screening. We are looking forward to seeing you. More information at https://kinolab.cz/program/pohyby
    30. 8. 2016 We have arranged several screenings in different cities of Czech Republic for you. This Novembre! Read more. We look forward to you! :-)
    22. 2. 2016 Movements documentary won a speciel price of The Czech competition jury during International film festival of science documentary films AFO in Olomoc! We are very happy! Our film will be screened more often in various cities in the Czech Republic thanks to this success. We´ll announce dates of future projections :-)
    22. 2. 2016 Grammar school in Brandýs nad Labem would like to screen our film. We look for suitable date in March. If you are interested in film projection at your school, don´t hesistate to contact us.
    10. 2. 2016 Pohyby movie in the oficial competition of International Festival of Science Documentary Films - Academia Film Olomouc.
    15. 9. 2015 Another projection of Movements film in Prague! BioOko The 20th of October 8:30PM. There will by a discusion with members of the expedition after the screening!
    24. 6. 2015 Movements are going to be screened in Ostrava. The 8th of July at 5PM in planetárium Ostrava. We are looking forward to see you!
    21.4. 2015 The film is going to be screened during the film festivals and it will be possible to see it in small cinemas too. The first projection is on Thursday 4th of June, at 10AM in Ponrepo cinema.
    20.4. 2015 The documentary Movements was screened in Prague for the first time. The audiences liked the film. Thank you for coming!
    18.4. 2015 During the AFO film festival the premiere of the documentary Movements was held. The discussion after the screening was great! Thank you for your interest!
    13. 4. 2015 The film is finished, we look forward to the premiere. Thursday 16th of April, at 4:30PM, AFO film festival. Movements Poster
    10. 4. 2015 Movements at first time in Prague! On Monday 20th of April, at 10AM in Ponrepo cinema again. 27. 3. 2015 - you can see Movements on Thursday 4th of June, at 10AM in Ponrepo cinema.
    27. 3. 2015 you can see Movements on Thursday 4th of June, at 10AM in Ponrepo cinema.
    24. 3. 2015 The documentary is going to be screened in Ponrepo cinema during the science festival „The spring excursion into the world of science“, the date of projection will be announced
    23. 3. 2015 The premiere of the documentary will by held during the AFO festival on Thursday 16th of April, at 4:30PM. Come to see the film. We are looking forward to see you.
    19. 3. 2015 We have just finished final cut. Work on music and animation proceed on the fullest.
    22. 1. 2015 Our crew was extended by composer Michal Rataj and animator Martin Búřil
    16. 1. 2015 first week in edditing room is over :)
    28. 12. 2014 New photos in our gallery (author: RNDr. Filip Hartvich, Ph.D., Tomáš Kopecký)
    12. 12. 2014 We are creating the film website


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